After closing on a unit at the MGM Signature, there are a few items to be aware of. In order to get the unit into rental condition you will need to do the following items:

  • Set up the power with NV Energy
  • Set up liability insurance
  • Contact Residential Services for any additional paperwork needed


The first step is to contact NV Energy to set up the power. The phone number is 702-367-5555 or you can visit the website at MGM Signature inserts a number into the unit to reference which building the unit is in. The power company also uses these numbers as a reference. Whether you are calling or starting service via the website you will need to include the folllowing depending on the building:

  1. Tower 1: Insert a 6 in the middle of the unit number (For Example: 06-604 or 31-611)
  2. Tower 2: Insert a 7 in the middle of the unit number (For Example: 06-704 or 31-711)
  3. Tower 3: Insert an 8 in the middle of the unit number (For Example: 06-804 or 31-811)

If any other issues you can always contact our office and we are happy to assist you.


The MGM Signature requires units to carry a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. There are a few vendors who handle most of the units at the MGM Signature for the insurance policies. If you visit our vendor page you will see more information about them. Feel free to contact us for the contact information to the insurance agent.


Signature MGM CondoPlease contact Residential Services at 702-797-6040 for any questions or concerns. When you purchase a unit they will require some documentation be completed after close of escrow. Please note that when the property records they will need a copy of the new deed in order to update ownership records. When we represent you as a buyer on a MGM Signature transaction we make sure to send this document to Residential Services at close of escrow on your behalf. If you choose to assume an existing rental agreement with the MGM Signature we have a form to provide that will allow you as the owner to keep the unit in the rental program without missing out on any days of income.

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